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Sherlock CRM
We're In Beta!

We've been working on Sherlock CRM and are ready to let users, just like you test drive it. Because we are in the Beta Stage of our launch, we have a SPECIAL OFFER just for you! If you claim your account today, you'll receive a 14-Day FREE Trial and when it comes time to upgrade, you'll receive a 50% discount off the prices you see in the pricing table below.

All we ask is that you test it out, provide us feedback, and give us the opportunity to make updates based on your feedback. With that said, check out the features below and create your account today!

Dynamic Dashboards

Generic CRM dashboards don’t work for most companies. Sherlock CRM offers a dynamic dashboard designed to fit your business needs. We work closely with your team to create a dashboard providing you with the exact requirements for YOUR company.

Trackable Shopping Cart

In addition, our customizable shopping cart includes trackable reporting. Keep track of your customer engagements and filter the data to pinpoint your specific target. View your overall sales performance and how they are performing over a set timeframe.

Autoresponder Emails

While customization is important, Sherlock CRM also helps cut down on the amount of time required from your CRM. Autoresponder marketing makes it a snap to keep up with your current and future customers via a simple click. Send follow-up emails to interested parties, or reach out to existing customers with company updates.

Digitally Binding Contracts

Once you’ve landed that highly-coveted customer, our legally-binding, digital contract lets you focus on other business needs. You can draft your contract and submit it to your customer with one simple click.

Connect with Over 2,000 Apps

Sherlock CRM includes API connections to over 2,000 cloud-based applications. These include major applications such as Oracle, SAP, and NetSuite. Sherlock CRM is designed to fully and easily incorporate with any ERP system.

Mobile Friendly Design

If you or your salespeople find themselves away from the home office, worry not. Our software works on any device: laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. So now your team can take their contacts and information with them anytime they are on the go.

Pricing NOT Based on Users

Unlike many CRM systems, Sherlock CRM offers users an affordable, flat rate subscription for data and web hosting. There are 2 levels with the Growth plan including up to 100 users and the Enterprise plan including Unlimited users.

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